Dispatcher 24

You do not have time to manage your customers?

We provide a reliable, stable background for the effective operation of various remote surveillance services. We support our Customers and Partners with professional information technology along with competent software assistance. The particularly complex remote surveillance and online services we offer, are provided by our highly qualified and experienced operators. 

We maintain a dispatcher service 24 hours a day, where we handle your clients, including their orders,bookings,complaints and comments. The information given by your clients will be sent to you by sms or email.

Accurate, fast and meticulous service for everyone!

If you feel overwhelmed, you work from home or you do not have time to interact with your customers, we bravely recommend our service. 

Besides occasional assistance, we can provide daily, weekly and monthly services as well.

Dispatcher 24 Price List:

Hourly phone, email and sms service:  £5

Daily service (24 hours):  £72

Weekly service: £390

Monthly service: £988


We recommend our services for hotels, taxi or chauffeur services,

restaurants, event organizers…

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