We undertake company debut, portfolio websites, webshop, commercial websites and the creation and management of your own social website, news, blogs and other sites. In addition, translation from English to Hungarian, from Hungarian to English in a short time limit.

The CorporateSolution specialists undertake decades of professional experience to complete the full web presence of new and existing businesses. We are thinking of creating the right and cost-effective websites today, to create your own unique company logo design, to build company T-shirts, business cards and other advertising materials, and to edit ads and social media platforms, treatment.

Unique offer

Website + for free. COM domain name and hosting + 100Pcs gift business Card Now only £200


Own community website

We create your own community website, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, insta with well-known basic features such as


Translating from English to Hungarian

We are translating from English to Hungarian from Hungarian to English!